Photography Q/A

·         What editing software do I use? - @nocked_and_loaded_outdoors

o    Lightroom & Photoshop. I use lightroom for editing colors and cataloging my images and photoshop I use it to remove items and imperfections from images as well as sharpening of images and I have started to try and color grade images with photoshop but you aren’t able to batch edit images and is all one by one which is very time consuming.

·         Do I make my own Presets? - @nocked_and_loaded_outdoors

o    Yes I do, they’re available for free on my website

·         Go to lenses for landscape and/or low light? - @awolgreyroe

o    Depending on the shot I am trying to obtain I will use the Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 or the Nikon 35mm 1.4.  Depending on what system you’re shooting on I would recommend a 14mm 2.8 or something along those lines due to the wider the lens the longer you can have your shutter open without having star trails instead of bright individual stars.  I would also recommend a lens with an aperture of f/2.8 or lower like f/2, f/1.8 so you don’t have to run such a high ISO.  DM me if you have any questions on lenses you have so I can point you in the right direction with budget and your camera system.

·         Do you have different editing processes for print vs online/Instagram/Facebook. I tend to be lazy and just do one edit for all? - @pjpzak

o    At this time I do not do anything differently but I have read there are certain export settings best for print.   For Instagram I do make sure for posts my images are 4:5 crop and my IG stories they’re 16:9 so Instagram doesn’t compress them.  I do export them jpeg at 100% even though some will say you should export at around 80 I haven’t noticed a difference.

·         Dude yessssss great idea I would say cover basics of what you wanna do with the camera, camera settings maybe break it down a little there hitting a few key points like iso shutter speed and f stop, next remind people to just take photos I hear it how do you know what to take photos of I don’t I just take photos of literary everything, cover some Lens info like good all around lens for starting out and what lenses are good for say certain things, more than others cover some editing stuff for sure there’s so much lol just a few that come to mind we have chatted about in the past though…. - @jason.kohl

o    So this one will be tough to answer on here but, I would say to learn the camera, inside and out, learn the buttons learn what ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed all do.  Truly what I set first is the aperture ( how open or closed the lens is and the more open the lens the more light and when it is more open is when you get those super blurry backgrounds and out of focus elements.  Next I would set my shutter speed and depending on if I had a tripod would dictate how high my ISO would be.

o    Next taking photos of EVERYTHING! Just take photos of everything and take your camera every day. It is going to be annoying and you might not want to do it but fight through it and just bring the camera.  When the weather is horrible be sure to grab it! Obviously don’t destroy your camera but when the weather is all jacked up it makes for amazing images.

o    For a good all around lens I don’t think you can beat the 35mm 1.4 (roughly $1600 new) lens yes I know it is expensive, but if I was only allowed 1 lens it would for sure be that one.  You can also but a 35mm 1.8 from brands like Tamron that are cheaper and I actually highly recommend that lens due to being weather sealed and image stabilized and about $599 new.  A cheaper option would be the 50mm 1.8 (canon $125 Sony Nikon $250 roughly)

o    Editing can be tough due to not knowing what to change and adjust.  I would recommend watching youtube tutorials on editing in Lightroom.  Then adjust all of the sliders and see what it adjusts and once you get a look that you like save those settings as a Preset(if you don’t know how to Youtube on how to save one).

·         How do you approach editing a photo? What techniques do I use? - @matt_mcnabb_

o    Since I have been doing photography for 3 years I have just developed a routine and will import the photos and then I cull through them and rate the ones I want to edit to start and then filter for that rating and then I will select an image and go through my presets and see what looks best and make minor or major adjustments as needed.  Then I will bring it into photoshop and clean up the image removing dust spots or whatever isn’t appealing.  Then I sharpen the image with a technique I learned on Peter Mckinnon’s Youtube channel.