This episode is all about photography...and gets pretty technical.  If you are interested in getting into photography then this episode is worth your time.  TJ Perez has gone on quite a journey over the last few years learning photography and now has a budding career taking photos of folks who make you feel down right lazy.  TJ and Aron share their years of in field knowledge and recommend how to save money on camera gear.

Today we welcome the very talented TJ Perez to the show.  TJ is an incredible photographer, who's work has been featured by a number of amazing outdoor companies, like Iron Will Broadheads, Swazi Apparel, Tyto Knives, and of course Kifaru International.  TJ is self taught, a guy who knows what it takes to get it done.  He was bit by the photography bug hard, and has really pushed himself to become a phenomenal photographer.  Having followed his rise and accomplishments for quite some time now, I was really happy to have TJ on the show.


YouTube University - Self Taught Photography from Nothing to Something - TJ Perez. In this episode Will sits down with TJ Perez to talk about how to teach yourself photography. They also cover some of TJ's favorite equipment and accessories.