TJ Perez's Lightroom Presets


TJ Perez's Lightroom Presets


Here are my Lightroom presets!

I wanted to give these out to my followers and friends for free and not worry about making money and I want to truly help those in the industry!

In the checkout just hit continue when the credit card field drops down. No credit Card required.

(Only compatible with Adobe Lightroom)

To import them into your Lightroom

Go to preferences:

A window will open select the presets tab at the top and then select the “Show Lightroom develop presets” button

Drag and drop or copy and paste them into Lightroom.

If you’re in the develop module click the “+” button by the presets window and select them so you don’t have to restart Lightroom.

Should be good to go!

***Side note you may have to adjust exposure and everything depending on how you expose your images as well as different tones than Arizona due to changing the HSL sliders***

Let me know what you think of them and be sure to tag me in your photos with my presets on my IG @tjmperez!

Thank you,


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